The Intimate Wedding Package
The Intimate Wedding Package
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£450 GBP
What's Included

  • Ceremony
  • Local Location Portraits
  • Restaurant Photos
  • Royalty Free Images
  • 4 Hours of Photography Coverage

Package Description

This package is designed for the smaller Ceremony, where your wedding party may just be family & a couple of close friends.

Typically Bride & Groom opt for this package for a quick Wedding at a registry office then head off for a meal at a local restaurant.

When the couple's ceremony is in my local city of Edinburgh, we can slip off to a local beauty spot to take a few Bride and groom Portraits.

Approximately 4 hours.

If after reading this you are interested in booking, we can arrange a call with absolutely no obligation to book. We can have a chat to see if I am a good fit for your big day.

What to Expect

Expect me to attend your Intimate Ceremony for up to 4 hours.

  • Once you have decided to book, we arrange a call.
  • We chat and talk about your photography needs.
  • I shoot your wedding as discussed.
  • Expect high-res delivery within 4 weeks.

What a recent bride has said about my Wedding Photography service...

"David was an absolute dream to work with, not too pushy either like other photographers, he was very professional and takes great pride in his work, photos are of very high quality and very speedy with delivery" Shirrell Grandison

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£450 GBP
Interested in booking?
Include the proposed Wedding date and venue.
Interested in booking?
£450 GBP
Include the proposed Wedding date and venue.

David J Gillan

Wedding Photographer based in Edinburgh, UK

Capturing Love, One Click at a Time.

Born and raised in Edinburgh, my passion for photography was kindled during my tenure in the Royal Air Force, where I seized opportunities to capture moments from truly unique vantage points. Post-service, my journey took me through varied terrains of photography - from the spirited energy of nursery shoots to the exhilarating world of skydiving captures. Yet, it was wedding photography that truly resonated with my soul. My dedication to the craft led me to specialize in Off Camera Flash (OCF) techniques. With OCF, I'm able to manipulate and control light in ways that elevate each shot. Whether it's highlighting the soft glow on a bride's face, capturing the intricate details of the wedding dress, or producing dramatic night-time scenes, this technique ensures every pivotal moment is showcased in its best light. By blending traditional shots with these OCF-enhanced 'wow' moments, I offer couples a wedding album that is both timeless and uniquely captivating. With my distinctive approach, I promise every couple a collection of memories that beautifully encapsulate the essence and magic of their special day.
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