Lee & Martin's Wedding Day

May 3rd, 2024

Lee and Martin: A Love Story That Built a Home


In the bustling car park of The Gyle, Edinburgh, not typically known for its romantic ambiance, Lee and Martin's love story began rather untraditionally.

About six and a half years ago, these two hearts met on a blind date that set the foundation for a beautiful journey together,

a journey that took another significant step forward in an equally untraditional setting.


A Proposal Amidst Renovation Dust


Martin's proposal to Lee wasn't staged against the backdrop of a candlelit dinner or a sunset beach walk.

Instead, it was amidst the chaos and dust of their home renovation—a testament to their down-to-earth and pragmatic partnership.

In the middle of transforming their living space, Martin popped the question, a moment so perfectly them that it could not have been more fitting.

With smiles, possibly a little dust-covered, they later found themselves at Screwfix picking out a new tap for their kitchen sink,

a symbol of the mundane yet profound life they are building together.


A Wedding Brought Forward


The couple had initially planned to tie the knot later but decided to bring the date forward for a very special reason—Lee's son, Luke.

Demonstrating brilliance and hard work, Luke has won an internship in Japan, standing out among 3000 applicants.

Bursting with pride and wanting to ensure Luke could fully participate before embarking on this prestigious career journey,

Lee and Martin adjusted their plans, turning what could have been a scheduling conflict into a beautiful prelude to their wedding.


The Big Day


Set against the stunning backdrop of The Stair Arms Hotel, Lee and Martin's wedding was a celebration of love,

family, and the future. It wasn't just a union of two people but of families, friends, and dreams.

The day was filled with laughter, joyful tears, and countless memories, capturing the essence of their relationship: genuine, strong, and ever so real.

Lee wore an elegant wedding dress that mirrored her graceful composure, and Martin looked dapper in his traditional

Scottish Kilted outfit, his eyes rarely leaving his beautiful bride.

The ceremony was heartfelt, with vows that echoed their journey and aspirations.

As the evening unfolded, the reception abounded with tales of their blind date, the renovation proposal, and Luke’s outstanding achievement.

Each speech painted a picture of a couple deeply embedded in the realities of life yet

always ready to embrace the beauty of their shared experiences and challenges.


Looking Ahead


As they danced their first dance, surrounded by the warm glow of fairy lights above and the love of their closest friends and family,

it was clear that Lee and Martin were ready to face whatever life threw their way—with each other by their sides.

Now, as Martin and Lee embark on this new chapter, and with Luke preparing for his exciting role in Japan,

the family stands on the brink of thrilling new beginnings.


We can't wait to see where their adventures take them next.

Their story reminds us that love isn’t always found in the grand gestures but often in the quiet moments of shared everyday life.

Lee and Martin’s journey shows us that sometimes, love is just about finding someone who will stand by you,

even on a dusty day at home or a quick trip to Screwfix.


The First Look

As Lee turned to see her two sons, Luke and Josh, standing by the window bathed in the soft afternoon light, her heart swelled with emotion.

Both boys looked handsome and proud in their suits, beaming at their mother on her special day.


The Ceremony

As guests filled the room, a sense of joyful anticipation was palpable. Martin stood at the altar, his eyes gleaming with emotion, waiting eagerly for the moment he would see Lee.

The doors at the back of the hall opened, revealing Lee in breathtaking radiance. Escorted by her two proud sons, Josh and Luke, she walked down the aisle, her smile lighting up the room.

The ceremony was a beautiful blend of laughter and tears, echoing the deep love and unity that brought everyone together on this unforgettable day.

As Lee and Martin exchanged their vows, the warmth and affection in their voices promised a future filled with love and companionship.


The Reception

At the wedding reception, Martin captivated the room with his heartfelt speech. He began by raising a poignant toast to cherished family members

who were no longer with them, followed by a warm tribute to the lovely bridesmaid Claire.


With a twinkle in his eye, he then turned his attention to his beautiful bride, showering her with adoring compliments that left no doubt about his deep affection.

The atmosphere buzzed with laughter when Keith, the best man, stepped up. His speech peeled back the layers of Martin's past, sharing humorous anecdotes that made Martin visibly squirm, and joked about how Martin would never have the upper hand in the marriage, much to the amusement of their guests.


As the speeches wound down, Martin presented thoughtful gifts, including a special surprise for his bride.

Knowing her passion for ice hockey, he gifted her a Fife Flyers player's shirt emblazoned with her new married name,

a gesture that not only delighted her but also charmed all the guests, encapsulating the joy and uniqueness of the occasion.


The Portraits

On Lee and Martin's special day, everything was set for the perfect group portraits against the backdrop of the beautiful outdoor setting they had carefully chosen.

However, just as the ceremony concluded, the weather had other plans, and the heavens opened up, forcing us to move indoors for the photos.

Undeterred, the couple and their guests adapted with smiles, and the indoor setting proved to be unexpectedly cozy and charming.


Adding a delightful twist to the shoot, Lee and Martin's adorable little dogs, Katee and Freddie, joined in, scampering into the frame and stealing hearts.

Their presence brought an extra touch of warmth and personality to the portraits, perfectly capturing the essence of the day—love, family, and a bit of impromptu fun!


Bride & Groom Portraits


Wedding Cake Cut & Party


At the highlight of the evening, the wedding cake-cutting ceremony marked a delicious pivot from formal to festive.

The cake itself was a masterpiece, topped with personalized figurines that captured the unique passions of the newlyweds - Martin in his rugby shirt, and Lee in her ice hockey jersey.


They radiated joy as they sliced through the cake, a charming prelude to the revelry to follow.

Initially hesitant, Martin soon joined Lee in sporting quirky His & Hers sunglasses, adding a playful twist to their look.

With the formalities out of the way, it was time to kick up their heels.

The Da Hooley Ceilidh Band set the stage alight with their electrifying Scottish ceilidh music.


From the first dance to the lively rounds of the Gay Gordons, the band had everyone dancing.

The night was filled with laughter, energetic dancing, and spontaneous photo bombs, creating memories that everyone will cherish for years to come.


Thank You

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the wonderful couple for choosing David J Gillan Wedding Photography

and opting for the Arrival Package for their special day. Working with you both was truly a delightful experience.


Your infectious enthusiasm and the warm, welcoming nature of your family made my role not only easier but thoroughly enjoyable.

It was a pleasure to capture the joy and love that surrounded your celebration.


As you embark on this beautiful journey together, I wish you every happiness in the years ahead.

And to Luke, good luck with your exciting new chapter in Japan! May your future be as bright and joyful as your mum's wedding day.


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